Just Getting Started Series: The Lung Hit

Though vaping is often pursued as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, it’s a very different experience. You can’t use a vaporizer the same way you would a tobacco cigarette. There are many different ways to inhale when you vape, and understanding the major differences as well as the finer nuances of the process will help you fully enjoy the experience. Try experimenting with a few different options, and you’ll know how to best use your vaporizer.

What’s a Lung Hit?

There’s much debate about the proper names and terms for different vaping styles, but a lung hit is generally considered to be any method of making the vapor hit your lungs. Cigarette smokers are most familiar with the sensation because you do this with every inhale when you’re smoking tobacco cigarettes. With a cigarette, the lung hit pulls the smoke and nicotine straight into your lungs for a quick hit before it’s exhaled.

If you’re switching from cigarettes to a new vaping device, you may instinctively take a lung hit with your first draw. You’ll quickly realize that a quick lung hit of vapor feels very different from a hit of smoke. This causes some smokers to start coughing. If you don’t familiarize yourself with the proper way to take a lung hit with a vaping device, you might give up on vaping entirely before you even discover the many benefits of this experience. Taking a little time to alter your style, however, can dramatically improve your experience.

To Hit or Not to Hit

What new vapers may not realize is that the lung hit is not necessary to vaping. While it’s difficult to get your nicotine fix from a cigarette without inhaling, this is not true of vapor. A single vapor molecule is about 10 times larger than the molecules inhaled in cigarette smoke. You can get a significant hit of nicotine simply by holding the vapor in your mouth for about two seconds. You can further increase your nicotine intake by exhaling through your nose.

It’s important to remember that nicotine isn’t absorbed exclusively by the lungs. You can also absorb it through the soft tissue in your nose and mouth. This is how you get your nicotine fix from chewing tobacco. With this in mind, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not necessary to inhale and get that lung hit just for the nicotine fix. If you enjoy the sensation of a lung hit, do it. If not, you can enjoy vaping without inhaling and may actually appreciate the flavor of the vape much more this way.

How to Draw Vape for a Lung Hit

It takes longer to draw vapor out of a vaping device than it does to pull smoke from a cigarette. With most vaping devices, it will take about five seconds to fill your mouth with vapor using a slow, gentle draw. Once you have the vapor in your mouth, inhale it for a lung hit before exhaling. This quick hit takes about one second. This method eliminates the bite that can make people cough.

You can also draw vapor directly into your lungs in a long breath as you inhale, if you’re comfortable with this method. This provides a stronger and longer lung hit. Inhaling the vapor directly this way is best if you’re looking for a strong nicotine hit. However, it makes it difficult to fully enjoy the flavor of your e-liquid. If you’re drawing the vapor directly into your lungs or taking frequent lung hits, you may want an e-liquid with a lower nicotine content, as you’ll get a heavier dose than what you may be used to from cigarettes.

Common Issues Drawing Vapor for a Lung Hit

One common mistake that new vapers make is trying to draw vapor quickly for a fast lung hit. This approach would mimic the way you draw on and inhale cigarette smoke, but most vaporizers provide a slower draw than cigarettes. If you suck on your vape device too quickly and hard, you will draw e-liquid through the device and into your mouth. What tastes good in vapor form is not a pleasant or safe taste to draw directly in your mouth, so you want to avoid this occurrence.

The key to properly inhaling from a vape device is to draw in slowly, taking the vapor into your mouth as it’s released from the device. Sucking won’t cause it to produce vapor any faster, and is a bad habit to get into. If you feel that your device doesn’t produce vapor fast enough, try pressing the button as you pull the vaporizer up to your mouth to get the vape flowing before it’s between your lips.

Finding Your Flow

It can take a few days to get used to a new vaporizer, particularly if this is your first time vaping. Don’t give up on the experience after your first try. Experiment with different ways of vaping to see which one works best for you. Over time, you’ll probably fall into a comfortable groove. This may involve taking lung hits regularly, adding the occasional lung hit when you want a quick rush of nicotine, or even abandoning lung hits altogether.

Do give other vaping methods a try to feel out your options. There are many benefits to the throat hit as well, which is discussed later in the series. Expert vapers learn to perfect their draw, hit, and exhale to get the right experience for every mood as well as every flavor. As you explore the world of flavors available with e-liquids, you’ll find that vaping is much more complex than smoking a cigarette. Different vaping styles make it easier to enjoy certain palate textures or nicotine levels.

Previous cigarette smokers in particular need to take the time to identify the differences between vaping and smoking, and perfect their technique for the former. Vaping properly can become a hobby that involves choosing the right accessories, mixing delicious e-liquids, and carefully contemplating your vaping style for each experience.


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