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Jupiter Front

Front of Jupiter

Mouthpiece (Hooka Accessory). Vape Button. Volume Up/Down Button. Sleep/Wake Button. Micro USB Port. Shuttle Flavor Cartridge. Front Facing Camera. SIM Card. Multifunction Home Button. 3.5m Headphone Jack.

Back of Jupiter

Protective Cap. Rear Camera. Flash, Flashlight.

Setting up your new Jupiter™ phone

Congratulations on purchasing your new Jupiter phone!

You can turn on your device by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button. The first time your phone turns on, you will see a welcome screen, and a prompt to install a SIM card, if you have not done so already. Your SIM card should be provided by your carrier.

To install your SIM card, place a pin into the small hole on the right side of the phone to pop out the tray. Place your SIM card into the tray and push to close.

To complete the set up process, you must be connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile Internet connection.

To connect to Wi-Fi, tap the settings button, and then tap Wi-Fi. Your device will automatically search for available networks. Tap the network you want to join, and complete the sign-in process. When successfully signed-in, you will see the Wi-Fi signal displayed in the top right corner on your screen.

When prompted, you can select your preferred settings, and sign in with your Google account or create a new Google account.

When you sign in with your Google account, all email, contacts, calendar events, and additional data associated with your account is automatically synced with your new device.

The Jupiter phone also supports:

  • GSM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • HSDPA Cellular Technologies


Your Jupiter phone comes in a Lightning Box™, which includes a phone cap to place over the top portion of your phone when you are not using your Shuttle™, a USB charging cable, and a USB power adapter.

Lightning box™

You will notice the beautiful lightning box right away. Pressing the button on the bottom of the box will turn on the multi-color lighting display. The lightning box can also be charged using the USB charging cable, and the USB power adapter within the box.


The shuttle contains 6ml of e-liquid in spill proof packaging, a new mouthpiece, and is available in 5 delicious flavors. Shuttles are sold separately. To use the shuttle, follow the steps below:

  • Press atomizer button to activate coils for immediate vaping on demand. Inhale slowly, and breathe in vapor to your preference, whether you want to hold the vapor in your mouth or take it in for a throat or lung hit.
  • The auto-shut off is triggered after 10 seconds.
  • The Shuttle offers an 8 second inhale; however, we recommend 2-3 second pulls for optimal enjoyment.
  • To maintain the best life of your shuttle, the mouthpiece should be facing downwards when inhaling to keep the coils bathed in your e-liquid.
  • How to hold Jupiter while vaping

  • When changing out Shuttles make sure the parts are properly aligned, and push firmly into place.
  • To ensure the best performance and lifespan of your Shuttle, set the wattage to 5W for the first 20 puffs to prime the vaporizing coil.
  • Your new Shuttle is immediately recognized through Jupiter’s intelligent technology.
Shuttle warnings
  • Do not fill your Shuttle with other liquids
  • Do not puncture or break your Shuttle
  • Do not inhale an empty Shuttle
  • Do not tamper with your Shuttle in any way
  • Do not leave your Jupiter phone and Shuttle unattended


Each Shuttle contains a new mouthpiece and is a universal size.

Charging accessories

Each lightning box includes a USB charging cable and a USB power adapter.

Using the Vaporcade app

Sign into the Google Play™ store to verify that you have the latest Vaporcade app update. Additionally, you will need to download the Jupiter Services support app. To do so, first sign into the Google Play store, and then follow these instructions:

  • Open the Google Play store app
  • If the Vaporcade app does not appear in the list of installed apps, search the store for “Vaporcade”
  • Open the Vaporcade app, verify you have the latest update
  • Now scroll down to the More by Vaporcade section
  • Tap to open Jupiter Services, and install
  • Once Jupiter Services has been installed, you can close out and begin using the Vaporcade app

Locate the Vaporcade app icon in the list of all apps to launch the app

At a glance, your Vaporcade app’s home screen will display your current Shuttle flavor, plan progress, vaping battery charge, and voltage information.

To control your vaping voltage, use the slider on the app’s home screen to increase/decrease voltage between 3.3-4.8V.

On the home screen, tap the Hex to flip it over for more information about your current plan and to review your vaping history. We offer three types of plans for your vaping enjoyment including:

  • Normal plan: This type of plan gives you the same number of puffs every day.
  • Gradual plan: This type of plan will slowly change the total number of puffs you consume daily from when you Start to Finish over the length of the plan.
  • Custom plan: This type of plan will allow you to set a custom amount of puffs per day.

At the bottom of the home screen are three buttons. The button on the left is a quick link to your Vaporcade app’s home screen. The button in the middle is a link to your plan information. The button on the right will link you to Settings.

For more information about Android™ KitKat, please visit:


Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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