Joy of Vaping: Feeling Healthier & Richer


If you’re thinking of transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to vaping, you may be wondering where to start. I couldn’t tell you exactly where to start with vaping, because it’s different for everyone. I will however, tell you about my personal experience in where I started and where I ended up. I can also say that tobacco cigarettes don’t do it for me anymore. I feel healthier all around!

When I first started vaping, I wanted to switch to something that still felt familiar, and still maintained the sociability that I had with tobacco cigarettes. So of course, I went with a cig-a-like. I ordered a starter kit from the first company I could find online, and stuck with the traditional tobacco flavor, because hey, it’s what I was used to for 12 years.

The first thing I noticed was how much heavier the cig-a-like is compared to a real tobacco cigarette. I did not let that deter me from my personal goal of to quit smoking. From there, I proceeded to add on the tobacco flavored, nicotine cartridge. I started off with the 24mg nicotine, because I had seen myself as a heavy smoker. I realized pretty quickly that 24mg was far too strong for me. I went ahead and kept the cartridges just in case, but I ended up ordering the 18mg cartridges and they worked out much better for me. I learned that battery size and nicotine milligrams have a pretty complex relationship. The smaller the battery output, the higher the nicotine I needed in order to get the throat hit I was looking for.

Love vaping

That’s another thing; I never really paid attention to throat hit as a smoker, because it was what it was, consistent since day one. So with vaping, I learned that throat hit would become a very important component for me to continue vaping. The starter kit was great for the first few months, but I was no longer getting the satisfaction I once had at the very beginning of vaping. Was it possible that the battery had reached its peak life expectancy? I wasn’t sure at that point, so I opted to try something different.

I decided to try a disposable this time round. Sure, it was a tad costly because $10 would get me one disposable, instead of $20 for 4 cartridges. With the disposable I bought, some of them would run out of juice before the battery was used up, and sometimes the battery would die before the juice was used up. It varied, but the throat hit I got with the disposables appeared to be much stronger than the throat hit I got with the rechargeable starter kit.

I realized pretty quickly that the disposables were too costly for me, because I vaped more than the average vaper at the time. Don’t get me wrong, the quality on disposables is great, if not better than rechargeable cig-a-likes, in my opinion anyway. I wanted to move up a step further. I went to a vape shop in Los Angeles, and got my first vape pen. The throat hit, flavor choices, and vape production was definitely a few steps above the disposables and the rechargeable cig-a-likes. Top notch, and I loved it! I even let myself stray from tobacco flavors.

I was able to quickly find out issues that came with having a vape pen, that it was seemingly more complicated than the products I was using prior, with plug & play, or disposables. I didn’t mind because the quality of vape was worth it to me. The longer I had the vape pen, the messier and more time consuming it became. It’s not that I didn’t understand how to clean the pen, or replace parts, it just felt like something that was becoming a tinker hobby that I wasn’t super interested in. I even ended up trying bigger battery mods. I tried drip mods, tank mods, manual and push button. Even the cadence was different because the vapor is straight to lung, instead of mouth to lung. That doesn’t feel like smoking a cigarette to me. Not that I don’t enjoy tinker products, it’s just not something I ever associated with smoking or vaping, nor do I want to. That’s just me.

Save money

I believe ultimately, you will find what it is that you like and what you prefer for your own vaping experience. I do recommend that you at least start with a rechargeable or disposable, because they are very close in performance to a tobacco cigarette. I would base it off of your smoking habits, whether you’re a light to heavy smoker.

I ended up finding a product that worked best for me, and it was between a mod and cig-a-like. No tinkering, but powerful throat hits, with no need to refill juice. I’ve stuck with it for the past year or so, and I enjoy every bit of it!

I’ve mentioned before all the awesome benefits I experienced when switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping, so here it is again:

  1. I could breathe easier
  2. I didn’t smell like tobacco smoke
  3. My skin cleared up and became softer
  4. I saved money
  5. I didn’t have that overall sickly feeling anymore

So whether you’re looking for a new hobby in building mods, or you just want to vape, plain and simple, there are products out there for you. Take your pick, and give it a go! Your lungs will thank you, your family will thank you, your friends will thank you, your pets will thank you, even your wallet will thank you!



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