Frequently Asked Questions


What is Vaporcade?
Vaporcade is the premium vaping experience. Whether you’re a cloud-chaser, skilled modder or someone looking to make the jump from tobacco to vapor, Vaporcade is the community where anyone can find their place. It’s not just a lifestyle, it’s a longer, guilt-free life.
Is Vaporcade associated with the tobacco industry?
The only association Vaporcade has with the tobacco industry is our determination to see it disappear by offering a safer alternative to smoking. Vaporcade is proudly independent of the conglomerates that have pushed the poison of tobacco onto the masses and will always remain so.
What is the best way to contact Vaporcade?
Contact information for ordering and customer support can be found at
What are shipping costs and duration?
Shipping costs will vary depending on the size, location, and carrier. Depending on the consumer’s preference for FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service, actual delivery times may vary.
Is there a company recycling program?
A recycling program is currently in development. This will allow returning spent disposables and rechargeable batteries to the company in several different ways, with the ultimate destination being a recycling center that can reprocess used materials in a safe, and green, manner.
What countries does the company ship to?
Currently, Vaporcade ships within the United States and Internationally to some countries (see for more detail).
How can I track orders that I’ve purchased on the website?
Log into your Vaporcade account at any time to view order history, order tracking, and other details.

Electronic Cigarettes

How does an e-cigarette work?
Despite hundreds of flavors and varying levels of nicotine, all vaping devices function via the same fundamental method: a small lithium-ion battery vaporizes e-juice, which is made of only water, nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring, which creates a vapor that users inhale. A microchip ensures that the vaporizer reaches only the necessary temperature, roughly 100°F, and prevents over-use by shutting down after a specific amount of puffs. When vape smoke is inhaled, flavoring is tasted in the smoke and nicotine can be passed along to the user.
Are e-cigarettes safe?
In vaping, no combustion occurs during this process and it is chemically equivalent to inhaling steam from a tea kettle. There is no lit flame to contribute to burns or house fires and no secondhand particulates that may leave a lingering odor or affect the health of bystanders. While it’s impossible to make any long-term judgments about such a brand-new technology, all recent research studies have shown that vaping yields no toxic levels of chemicals or carcinogens, unlike the 69 harmful elements in traditional tobacco smoke.
Can e-cigarettes be used to quit smoking?
The FDA has not certified e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid and Vaporcade does not claim that they have a medical application for doing so. However, if e-cigarettes are able to help you quit smoking, we fully support it.
Is vaping cheaper than smoking?
Depending on your habits and method for smoking tobacco, vaping can prove to be more affordable.
Does vaping produce smoke, ash, or secondhand smoke?
Vaping does not produce smoke or ash. In fact, it doesn’t even produce significant secondhand particulates. What is exhaled is water and propylene glycol vapor. This prevents any of that lingering smell or disruptive secondhand smoke that tobacco cigarettes are notorious for.
What is the benefit of an e-cigarette?
For those with a long-standing smoking habit know that quitting tobacco often means not just missing nicotine, but also the ritual and tactile feeling of a cigarette.

Anyone that has tried to quit, or witnessed someone having to bear the burden of physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, knows that it is neither a simple nor easy path. After all, craving a cigarette is stressful and a common way to relieve stress is smoking.

No gum, pill, patch, or force of will can satiate what they have lost when they try to quit. A Vaporcade e-cigarette aims to fill that void with a safer, healthier alternative.

What does the mg amount for nicotine mean?
A single cigarette contains roughly one milligram of nicotine. Vaporcade e-cigarettes generally contain 18mg of nicotine, slightly less than a full pack of cigarettes. This doesn’t mean that each puff has a higher nicotine content than a drag of a cigarette, but rather that a single e-cigarette is meant to provide as much nicotine as one pack.
What are the flavorings made from?
Flavorings are made from FDA-approved ingredients similar to many other food flavorings.
Why am I experiencing low vapor production?
It may take a few attempts to fully master how to take drags from an e-cigarette. Inhale slowly, but deeply. Quick, short drags may not allow the vaping process to fully begin. As e-liquid runs out or batteries lose their charge, it may also lead to low vapor production. If a product seems incapable of producing vapor, or consistently has low vapor production, contact Vaporcade customer support for a replacement.


Why is a ‘disposable’ e-cigarette better?
Disposable cigarettes may be better for those who seek an experience more akin to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking rather than rechargeables or ‘mods.’
How long does one 1963 e-cigarette last?
Depending on the user’s own rate of consumption, one unit typically lasts at least 300 puffs. This can be the equivalent of up to a pack of cigarettes or several days’ worth of smoking.
Are product batteries safe?
Product batteries are safe as long as they are used as directed. Keep them in cool or room temperature environments and do not pierce or otherwise tamper with them.
How do I know when a product is drained?
Once it is impossible to inhale vapor out of the unit, the e-liquid has run out or the battery has run dry.
Why does the product become hot?
A unit should become warm with extended use, but never hot. If the amount of heat seems unusual or growing, keep away from the unit and contact customer support immediately.
Is there a return policy?
If there is an issue with your purchase, such as a damaged or defective product, replacement is free of charge. Please refer to our Return Policy at for more detail.

Bean Leaf®

Why coffee?
We at Vaporcade feel that a perfect partner to our flavorful ecigs and ecigars is an equally appetizing cup of organic coffee. In order to ensure that our consumers get the same high-quality experience from their coffee as they do with their vaping, we’ve created Bean Leaf™ to provide blends and single origin roasts whose taste and aroma make them an ideal complement.
Do the various coffee flavors match up with specific e-juice flavors?
Finding the perfect match will always depend on the individual palate. Whether it’s our upcoming cappuccino-flavored e-cigarette to accentuate the coffee or one of our fruit-flavored vapes to sweeten the drink, we encourage consumers to mix-and-match to discover their favorite combination.
What is the recipe for a great cup of coffee?
For best results: Grind coffee immediately before brewing. Measure two tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 oz. water. Use filtered water.
How should I store Vaporcade coffee?
Store whole bean coffee in an air tight container. Keep cool and dry. Do not refrigerate.
How much coffee should I order?
It’s probably best to buy a pound at a time for your own personal use in order to maintain freshness. This should last 7-10 days. One pound of coffee should supply 64 standard-sized (five ounce) coffee cups.
Can I order my coffee pre-ground?
Unfortunately, we do not offer pre-ground coffee at the moment.
Are your products considered Organic, Kosher, or Free Trade?
Our roaster, Groundwork Coffee Company, ensures that they only source from organic, kosher, and fairly traded coffee providers. While these come from all over the world, including Single-Source coffees from Brazil and Sumatra, they are all held to the same standards of equitable pay for the farmers that work so hard to grow and deliver them.