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Five Crafted Flavors Of Deliciousness. Vaping Trigger. Variable Wattage. Power Safety Control. Removable Mouthpiece. Shuttle Flavor Cartridge. Flavor, Strength & Power Display. Sleek, Comfortable & Pocketable Design. Micro USB Charging Port.

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Protective Cap.

Setting Up Your New Europa™ Mod

Congratulations On Purchasing Your New Europa Mod!

The Europa is a next generation mod that is lightweight and digitally controlled.

You can turn on your device by flipping the power safety control switch downwards. The display will illuminate asking you to “Please Insert SHUTTLE™” along with a Battery Strength indicator and a display of the variable Wattage, Ohm and Voltage. Our Vaporcade logo illuminates on the bottom.

Our maintenance-free Shuttle™ (sold separately) makes the Europa the ultimate portable mod.

When you insert the Shuttle on top, the flavor symbol, name of the flavor, and nicotine strength in mg/ml will be displayed on the screen.

Wattage/Ohm/Voltage adjustment. Using the adjustment buttons you can increase or decrease the power.


Your Europa Mod comes in a Lightning Box™ which includes a Beanie™ mod cap to place over the top portion of your mod for when you are not using your Shuttle™, and a micro USB charging cable.

Lightning Box™

You will notice the beautiful lightning box right away. Pressing the button on the bottom of the box will turn on the multi-color lighting display. The lightning box can also be charged using the enclosed micro USB charging cable, by plugging into the USB power adapter on the exterior of the Lightning box.


The shuttle contains 6ml of e-liquid in spill-proof packaging, a new mouthpiece, and is currently available in 5 delicious flavors. Shuttles are sold separately. To use the Shuttle, follow the steps below:

  • Press atomizer button to activate coils for immediate vaping on demand. Inhale slowly, and breathe in vapor to your preference, whether you want to hold the vapor in your mouth or take it in for a throat or lung hit.
  • The Shuttle offers an 8 second maximum inhale; however, we recommend 2-3 second pulls for optimal enjoyment.
  • The auto-shut off is triggered after 10 seconds.
  • To maintain the best life of your shuttle, the mouthpiece should be angled downwards when inhaling to keep the coils bathed in your e-liquid.
    How to hold Europa while vaping
  • When changing out Shuttles, make sure the parts are properly aligned, and push firmly into place.
  • To ensure the best performance and lifespan of your Shuttle, set the wattage to 5W for the first 20 puffs to prime the vaporizing coil.
  • To remove Shuttle, grasp with one hand on the long edges and pull directly out.
    Your new Shuttle is immediately recognized through Europa’s intelligent technology.
  • Do not fill your Shuttle with other liquids
  • Do not puncture or break your Shuttle
  • Do not inhale an empty Shuttle
  • Do not tamper with your Shuttle in any way (tampering with a Shuttle will void the warranty)
  • Do not leave your Europa mod and Shuttle unattended


Each Shuttle contains a new mouthpiece.


Each Lightning Box includes a micro USB charging cable.

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