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Inventor John Cameron, scientist Seamus Blackley, entrepreneur Paul Rock, and intellectual property pioneer Dean Becker have come together to create a company unlike anything else in the vaping industry. Their mission is to transform the marketplace by creating a community based on tech, coffee, health, and all things vape. Vaping is the future and Vaporcade is the connecting hub to help you strive toward that future with great products, a premier experience, and a unified community. Whether you’re a casual e-cigarette consumer or a dedicated modder, with Vaporcade you are moving toward a healthier, guilt-free life.

Our Founders

John Cameron

An inventor, painter, writer, and former U.S. Marine, John has been founder and CEO of several organizations. His goal is to save six million lives per year from tobacco related disease.

Seamus Blackley

Trained as a musician and High Energy Physicist, Seamus founded and led the Xbox division of Microsoft. Seamus’ mission is to relentlessly apply technological solutions to the problem of eradicating tobacco-related deaths.

Dean Becker

A paging and wireless pioneer, Dean is the Vice Chairman of Equitable IP Holdings and former Chief Executive Officer of ICAP Patent Brokerage, managing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Under his leadership, ICAP Patent Brokerage has closed record-setting transactions in various industries, including cloud computing, social networking, smart cards, and consumer electronics.

Paul Rock

Paul is a Board of Director’s Trustee for the AATAC (Asian American Trade Association Council), and has held leadership positions in numerous successful entertainment and retail organizations.

Patrick Dunn

For over thirty years Pat has practiced public accounting and worked as a financial strategist, representing some of Los Angeles’ most successful individuals and organizations. He devotes much of his attention to the unique business management and financial needs of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professional athletes, and those in the entertainment industry.