10 Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming a welcome alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes or cigars. If you’re craving the satisfying feel of a tobacco cigarette but want to try something different, an e-cigarette offers many benefits. Learn about the many advantages of vaporizers and 10 great ways vaping devices win out over smoking.

1) The Ability to Vape in Many Locations

Smoking restrictions are increasing all the time, and most smokers now struggle to find a place where they’re allowed to indulge in their habit. While vaping regulations vary by city, they are typically less restrictive than those placed on tobacco products. Even in cities where you can’t vape in public, you’ll often find that friends and family are more open to vaping in their car or home than they are to smoking a cigarette.

2) Improved Sense of Smell

Smoking tobacco cigarettes dramatically reduces your sense of smell. This happens so slowly that you may not notice it. When you switch to electronic cigarettes, however, you’ll find your sense of smell returning. A whole new world of aromas will open up to you, with pleasurable scents you may have long forgotten.

3) Increased Sense of Taste

The smoke and tar from tobacco cigarettes limits your sense of taste, another sense that you probably didn’t notice losing. As your ability to enjoy delicate flavors returns, you’ll quickly catch onto what you’ve been missing. Your favorite foods may taste completely different, with a much more elaborate flavor profile than you expected. Get ready to enjoy a new world of epicurean delights when you switch to electronic cigarettes.

4) A Variety of Flavor Experiences

All tobacco products taste like tobacco, even when they have other added flavors. In contrast, electronic cigarettes have a variety of flavors such as the 1963® brand. Though you can choose e-cigarettes or e-juice with your favorite flavor of tobacco added, you also have a range of other options. You can vape an e-juice that tastes like a rich chocolate cake and savor the flavor with none of the calories. Try a refreshing mint, a light strawberry, or a playful bubblegum. Vaping gives you flavor variety that you simply can’t find with tobacco cigarettes.

5) Extra Money in Your Wallet

Vaping is far less expensive than smoking. All tobacco cigarettes are disposable, but vaping devices come in both disposable and reusable varieties. Even those that you do eventually throw away are much longer lasting than a tobacco cigarette. If you upgrade to a reusable device, the only thing you’ll need to replace is your e-juice or pre-filled cartridge.

6) Adjustable Nicotine Levels

It’s easy to adjust your nicotine level with a vaping device. While there are a few options with tobacco cigarettes, they’re not nearly as customizable as your e-juice. If you have a favorite e-juice flavor, you can adjust the nicotine level in it without changing the overall taste. If you’re looking for an effective way to gradually phase out nicotine altogether, vaping is a great option. Over time, you can lower the nicotine content in your e-juice until you’re vaping with no nicotine at all.

7) An Odor-Free Experience

One of the most annoying parts of smoking tobacco cigarettes is the smoky odor. It lingers on everything from your clothing to your furniture. You can recognize a smoker as soon as you give them a hug, step into their home, or get in their car. The stale tobacco smell is pervasive and long-lasting.

Vaping is an odor-free activity. If someone doesn’t see you using a vaping device, they’ll never suspect that you have one. Your vapor won’t change the way your hair and hands smell, and it won’t leave your home with a distinctive stench. The light vapor is dramatically different from heavy smoke, because it’s not smoke it’s vapor.

8) Improved Breathing and Circulation

The exact health effects of vaping aren’t yet documented, but the impact of tobacco cigarettes is well-known. The biggest distinction between vaping and smoking is the presence of tobacco smoke. It’s this smoke that damages your lungs and reduces your circulation. When you stop smoking and vape instead, you’ll start breathing better in a matter of days. You’ll no longer struggle to climb stairs or walk long distances. As your lungs heal, the benefits will only increase.

9) Safety from Fire

There’s no combustion involved with vaping devices. The devices heat liquid to create a vapor, but they don’t require an open flame to do so. Smokers have to carry lighters around with their tobacco cigarettes in order to smoke them. In the wrong hands, those lighters can present a serious fire hazard. Curious little fingers can get burnt. Not to mention the many fires that started from traditional cigarettes. Either by accident, or carelessness.

Even the most careful smokers can do damage with a lit cigarette if they’re not careful. A momentary distraction could leave you with a cigarette hole in your upholstery or clothing, a telltale sign of your smoking habit. These risks simply don’t exist with electronic cigarettes.

10) No Ashtrays

Ashtrays are a necessary accessory if you smoke traditional cigarettes. The alternative, leaving cigarette butts on the ground around your favorite smoking area, which is even more unsightly. With an electronic cigarette, there’s no ash to worry about, so you don’t have to purchase, use, or empty those unpleasant ashtrays. When you’re finished vaping, you don’t have a cigarette butt to discard, either. This habit will reduce your litter and increase cleanliness around the home if you’re used to living with ashtrays scattered about.

When you vape, both you and those around you will experience the numerous advantages of e-cigarettes. If you’re looking for a more flexible way to enjoy nicotine, consider transitioning from traditional tobacco cigarettes to a cleaner electronic vaping device. With so many perks to enjoy, you’ll probably find that you never want to go back to the smoky habit of using traditional tobacco products again. Your wallet, lungs, taste buds, and friends will all thank you for making the switch.

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